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Custom Homes

Our services provide the “hands on” relationship many people seek to simplify an often overwhelming and important process of designing a Custom Home. We provide and coordinate the following services, which are available at your discretion:


Pre-Design Consultation: We start with visiting your property to consider the best layout for the home design. We will also develop a written “wish list” of the home’s spaces, functions, layouts, and features that you desire in your new home.

Schematic Design Services: Next, these elements are incorporated into schematic “sketch” designs, which include all floorplans, front and rear elevations, and a master siteplan to express the design for your review and approval. We usually start with 2 to 3 rounds of schematic reviews, making any changes you desire, to ensure you are fully confident you are getting the home you want.

Construction Documents: Once the designs are approved, we create the CAD construction documents, or “Blue Prints”. These documents provide the necessary details a builder needs for pricing and construction of the home. Depending on the size of the home or steepness of the site, other consultants, such as structural engineers and landscape architects, are available to introduce into the process.

Watercolor Artwork: All designs are finished with a one-of-a-kind hand painted watercolor. We offer 2D illustrations or 3D perspectives to help visualize the final shape, colors, and materials of your home, to avoid costly changes or disappointing finishes during construction.


Architectural Interiors: Once the construction documents are finalized, we offer the design of critical Interior wall elevations to detail the interior construction and millwork of major rooms in the home, such as Great Room or Dining Room fireplace walls, two-story Foyer walls, Master Bedroom sitting rooms, etc. This is not interior decorating! These designs are critical for the interior of the home to take shape during the framing and trim stages as you envisioned them. If we don’t design these interior wall elevations, the builder and his subcontractors will, and you may not like what you get once it’s too late or costly to modify.
Interior Decorating and Selections: We work with a wide variety of Interior Designers who can help you through the process of selecting all the “soft” interior elements of your home. These include the Showroom visits and selections of colors and wall coverings, lighting and plumbing fixtures, appliances, cabinets and countertops, etc. to see and select interior finishes and products that compliment the overall design and quality of your home.


Construction Administration: During the construction of your home, we offer regular site visits to review construction to ensure the implementation of the design intent, and to review products, materials, and colors which require on-site evaluation. There usually is the need to consider alternate designs to meet site and budgetary needs as they arise during the construction process.

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Getting Started

If you are interested in meeting to review how we can serve you, please feel free to call, and we will immediately set up an appointment at your convenience to further review the steps and processes of your Custom Home design.

We welcome the privilege and opportunity of designing your new home.

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Builder Home Libraries

“How are you going to gain a Competitive Edge?”

Tentmakers Design Studio offers fresh new approaches to landplaning and architecture, providing Developers and Builders with the designs and commitment they needto set themselves above today’s aggressive competition.

We offer a growing library of high-end, historically designed homes which are specially designed to meet the ever rising demands of Spec Home construction. Our goal is to establish long-term Builder relationships by offering –

  • Highly desirable designs -- plans that “sell themselves”.
  • Accurate and thorough construction documents -- less “working it out” in the field.
  • Powerful marketing artwork -- high quality watercolors that attract buyers.
  • Quick responsiveness – we strive to return all calls the same day!

Feel free to review our existing libraries. If you do not find what you are looking for, most of our Builder clients choose to custom design from “scratch” the plans on which they will base their success. Please call us to meet and discuss your plan needs.

The following plan libraries are catalogued by square footage of heated/finished Main and Upper floors.

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Community Land Planning

“How are you going to gain a Competitive Edge?”

Tentmakers Design Studio offers fresh new approaches to landplaning and architecture, providing Developers and Builders with the designs and commitment they needto set themselves above today’s aggressive competition.

One of the greatest lost opportunities in land development today is at the first steps of a development – the Landplan. So often, a Civil engineering firm will layout the typical “cul-de-sac” plan in an attempt to shoe-horn as many lots onto a site. This overly-used approach only further entrenches Developers, Builders, and Agents into the most competitive housing market, offering no added-value to create higher sales prices and quicker absorption rates.

Engineers can layout efficient roadways and ensure proper water run-off, but they consistently fail to design beyond the “horizontal plane” leaving much to be desired once homes start coming out of the ground. Instead, we work hand-in-hand with Civil engineers to ensure efficient land development, but to also incorporate the “vertical plane” of streetscaping and greenscaping methods found in Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) to meet the growing demand for added-value developments. These design tools translate into higher lot values and quicker absorption rates for Developers, Builders, and Agents who are seeking a competitive solution to today’s out-of-date development practices.

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